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September 8, 2021
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November 22, 2022

Google has release a New tag for a more intelligent Analytics for website

Google has release a New tag for a more intelligent Analytics for website

If you have a well-managed website and you are actively promoting your services with Google Ads you should already be familiar with Google Analytics.

Even if you are not using Google ads, if your website is properly optimized for SEO – Search Engine Optimization, you should have a Google analytics account properly set up and integrated with your website.

Google has now release a New tag for a more intelligent Analytics.

This next generation of Google Analytics will take your digital analytics to a whole new level by delivering the essential customer insights you need.

In order to experience this new Analytics, you will need to upgrade to Google's latest dynamic tagging solution.

With the upgraded Google Analytics, you will also benefit from:

Future-proof conversion measurement

Code-less tag management

Faster and easier integration

This next generation Analytics, will drastically improve your digital analytics experience.

The new tag is built with machine learning at its core to automatically uncover insights from your website data that you will be able to use to improve your online marketing initiatives

This new analytics provides a more robust understanding of your website traffic and the customer buying process or life cycles. Starting from  acquisition to customer retention.

Planning for the future, this new experience will work with or without cookies, so you will be able to gather information about your customers even there is missing information in your data.

To start experiencing the new Analytics, the new Google Analytics tag is needed (gtag.js)  The new tag has to be integrated to every page of your site.

Once you integrate the new tag, this new function will start generating stats and the data will be populated into your report.

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