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Congratulations! Your SEO and Social Media optimization is underway!

As a result, your business will experience the benefits of the optimization in the months and years to come.


In order to fully optimize your business listing and applicable social networks we need to submit all the required information. For your convenience we’ve created this custom questionnaire where you can enter all information needed.

  • General questions
  • Social, Website & services info
  • Your target audience:
  • Company History
  • Finish- only submit

General questions

This is the email where you would like us to contact you for business communications (questions, reports, etc.)

If you have multiple locations - please add here the address for each individual location. Make sure to include the full address for each location.

Would you like to show the address in search engines and social networks?

please enter all 10 numbers, no spaces, no dashes or parenthesis.

please enter all 10 numbers, no spaces, no dashes or parenthesis.

This is the email where you would like your clients to contact you. If it’s the same as your contact email, please leave this field blank.

Your business hours:

If you don’t have a website, please leave a dash on this field.

Please provide admin access to your website ( wordpress or any other online platform or software you may use):

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Your target audience & important info

Age range

Please mention 2 to 5 cities or counties that you would like to target the most.

Company History

Please keep in mind that every search engine, directory and social network has different, pre-established options for categories. We will find the categories that fit better with the options you are giving us, but we can’t guarantee we will have these exact same categories in every one of your listings/profiles.

Do you have a Wi-Fi network for the public?