How important is Website Security?

Website Security provides a complete service to keep your site protected from hackers malware and other online security threats. Your website is an important part of your business and it should be properly protected.

To keep your website secure and functional it is important to revise and update it on a regular basis by a website developer who is knowledgeable about HTML, WordPress or any other software you are working with.

Among several important required updates, it’s vital to check WordPress updates, plugin updates, SSL, contact forms and all other relevant information. Several plugins require to be updated every time WordPress releases an new update.







If we are hosting your website we will have a backup of your website. However, as changes are implemented you should keep additional backups. You can backup daily, weekly or monthly ( depending of your needs).

Website Security:

If you have an SSL certificate your website is more secured than most. However, due to cyber-attacks from all over the world there are many hackers who are constantly attempting to disrupt businesses in the US and around the world. We recommend using website security especially if you have a shopping cart, multiple user access or contact forms that collect information from users. We work with a website security company that provides additional protection, daily back-ups, malware removal and other related services. If you are interested on these services please let us know and we can send you details.


There are several things that can be done to prevent and deter most hacking attacks. Including these 3 basic things:

  1. Properly monitor, manage and update your website monthly. (If plugins, themes and software versions are not updated the website will be much more exposed to hackers.)
  2. Keep your personal computer free of virus
  3. Increase Website security - hire website security service.

Benefits of Website Security.

  • Show customers they’ll be safe on your site.
  • Intercepts and examines incoming data and neutralizes malicious code
  • Detects and removes Malware
  • Prevent attacks and fix malware problems.
  • The Website Security firewall blocks attacks on your site while its malware scanner regularly searches your site for malicious content and alerts you if any is found.
  • Increased speed which improves your SEO and search rankings.
  • Secure site backup with one-click restore
  • Regular website backups to prevent losing important information

In the event no one is able to properly maintain and update your website during any given period of time, please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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