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Google Ads – NEW Updates to enforcement procedures for repeat violations


Google Ads – NEW Updates to enforcement procedures for repeat violations

In September 2021, Google will introduce a new strike-based system to enforce against people, companies, advertisers who repeatedly violate Google Ads policies.

Some people open Google ads accounts with no knowledge on the subject and end up wasting their marketing budget.

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Google ads will begin implementing their strike-based system on Sep 21, 2021. Google has notified advertisers that they begin with a gradual ramp up over a period of 3 months, for the following policies: Enabling dishonest behavior, Unapproved substances, Guns, gun parts and related products, Explosives, Other Weapons, and Tobacco. The policy coverage of the strike-based system will be expanded to add additional policies in phases over time and advertisers will be notified each time new policies are brought within scope of the strike-based system.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Accounts that Google ads decides to suspend due to their violations, will not be able to run any ads or create new content unless the suspension is successfully appealed.

Make sure you are informed before opening a Google ads account.

We encourage you to visit this link to learn more about Google ads policies