Why should I use a Certified Google Partner to manage my sponsored Search Marketing/PPC campaigns?

Xperience Marketing Solutions is a Proud Google Partner.

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Our Partner certification evidences we have multiple employees who have been certified in Google AdWords and we are bona-fide experts on the subject. Our SEO/SEM Team has the tools, knowledge and experience to manage any Google Adwords campaign to get the best possible results on any given target market. .

Other marketing agencies may argue they know how to use Google AdWords, but most of them cannot guarantee having been trained by Google itself.
Our SEO/SEM Team has been trained by Google through their certification Google Partners’ program.

As Google Partners, in addition to have proven we are experts in AdWords management, we’ve earned specializations such as Search, Display, multi-language & Mobile advertising and we are dedicated to constantly improve the results for each Google Ads account we manage.

Your Google Ads campaigns are running 7 days a week so we want to share with you these 7 important reasons why your company will benefit working with our professional digital marketing agency.

1. Having a Certified Google Accreditation Matters

When it comes to SEO/SEM, working with marketing professionals, Certified Analysts and Account Managers will ensure you campaigns are properly manage to get you the best possible results in your market. . By achieving the Google Partner status Google Certifies and ensures that our employees certifications are current and that our agency meets Google’s standards for “account management best practices”.

2. We have Access to Masters of AdWords Features

Google Partners must be well-versed in all the features of AdWords and use them in a way that is profitable to the client. Our analysts are required to master the use of negative keywords, site links inside of ads, ad extensions, phrase match keywords, split testing with AdWords, broad match modified keywords, ad scheduling, and more.

3. Our Team has advantage over the Competition with Google’s Beta Features

Google develops new features and applications, as partners we can test and use these new features before they are available to the general public. Imagine the advantages to be gained by using Google marketing features before your competition even has access to it!

4. We don’t wait in Line

Google Partners who have substantial ad budgets have access to the Google Agency Support Team. As a result, we can contact Google without waiting in line to address any possible issues with any account we manage. In the event you have a problem with your website such as malware/hacking, your account may be stopped it will take days or weeks to get things back in shape. These will result in unwanted suspensions and your campaign will lose money. As Google partners we can take advantage of the agency support team and we are able to expedite processes, correct errors and optimize campaigns very rapidly.

5. Keeping up with Google’s Best Practices – Pay-Per-Click proper management.

Our agency and team continues to get trained and educated year after year to bring the latest level of expertise and most updated tools to each one of our customers. In order to maintain the Google Partner status, our agency team members must take yearly certification exams in AdWords Fundamentals, Advanced Search, Display, Shopping and Mobile Advertising. As Partners we are also able to attend Google’s training sessions to stay tuned with the latest Pay-Per-Click best practices, so you can be confident that your agency is keeping up with the best strategies for each one of your campaigns.

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    6. Supervision, Testing & Innovation

    Supervising your adwords campaign is one of the most important tasks needed to insure your campaign is getting the best possible results. As Google Partners we are required to demonstrate we are using best practices to improve our client’s campaigns. Some of these practices may include implementation of ad and campaign testing to determine ways of improving our customers results. Google encourages ongoing experimentation using multiple variables by staying focused on the specific target market.

    7. Reporting, Analysis and Constant Improvements

    Our reporting includes the actual information reported and provided by Google. We don’t come up with lengthy reports that embellished statistics and showcase misleading alternative numbers and data. Most importantly our team analyzes results and we are constantly enhancing your campaigns, adjusting bids, improving quality scores and perfecting ads to get the best possible results.

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