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September 25, 2019
GOOGLE LATEST Algorithm UPDATE – September 24th 2019
May 9, 2019
Stop Spam
SPAM, phishing and hacking
March 29, 2019
What counts as a video view?
What counts as a video view?
January 25, 2019
Xperience Marketing Solutions - Social Media
Facebook adds new reporting for Click-to-WhatsApp ads
November 16, 2018
Getting Spam Calls from Google?? How to stop those annoying SEO Robocalls
Getting Spam Calls from Google?? How to stop those annoying SEO Robocalls
Many local businesses have been getting unwanted calls, “supposedly from Google”. Please be aware – these calls are NOT from Google! These are calls come from companies or individuals somewhere in North America or overseas. They use robocalls and trained telemarketers to present false information – scare tactics with the purpose of selling their services, scam you to take money or gather personal information from you.  ……..
September 25, 2018
Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?
The use of mobile devices is increasing steadily every day. The cell phones of yesteryear that were used to receive and make calls are being replaced with a dizzying array of intelligent devices that offer the user hundreds of functions design to smooth and facilitate the tasks of everyday life. There is a device that appeals to every kind of user, and they are widely available. Furthermore, the technology that makes them so user friendly shows no sign of slowing down, and it can be expected that they will only be more intuitive and useful in the future. Knowing this information, it’s no surprise that the number of users who are expected to use their device to make online purchases will jump 26% by 2017. This opens up a whole new segment of the population as potential customers for your brand, the people who prefer to browse the web from their mobile device(s). Even if you already have a well-established website, optimizing the site for mobile access requires adhering to some parameters that many business owners do not take into account, thereby hurting their company. Users are repelled by sites that are not well suited to mobile platforms and have lackluster performance, loading issues, reduced navigation speed and other issues. The design of the mobile site needs to be taken into account before losing revenue and potential customers due to negative experiences when visitors access to your site from a mobile device. An important factor that needs to be kept […]