Twitter update – Expanding character limitation?

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October 19, 2015
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February 10, 2017

Twitter update – Expanding character limitation?

Twitter is planning to release a new feature in the first quarter of 2016

Once again, we see social media changing and evolving. The feature that made Twitter famous, their 140 character limit may be getting a substantial update in the upcoming months.  

Some reports state that the text limitation will move from 140 characters up to 10,000, which is considered by many to be the biggest change to Twitter so far since its inception.

When the reports first came out, many users were not very happy about the possible change. Thereafter, Twitter officials clarified that the text that is displayed will still be limited to 140 characters, however an option to click to expand text will be added to allow for the additional text to appear on the twit.
Some of the obvious benefits from this change include:
  • First, longer tweets will be easier to read because they won’t have to be spread out over multiple messages.
  • Next, they will be easier to find and search since the text will be text rather than images.
  • The more text that Twitter has access to, the more accurate your message and ad targeting can be.
  • Additional text may help with Search engine optimization

For most companies and marketers who use twitter ads, this is likely going to be a very good change.

There is not yet any set date for when this update will be rolled out.

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