May 9, 2019
Stop Spam

SPAM, phishing and hacking

March 29, 2019
What counts as a video view?

What counts as a video view?

November 16, 2018
Getting Spam Calls from Google?? How to stop those annoying SEO Robocalls

Getting Spam Calls from Google?? How to stop those annoying SEO Robocalls

Many local businesses have been getting unwanted calls, “supposedly from Google”. Please be aware – these calls are NOT from Google! These are calls come from companies or individuals somewhere in North America or overseas. They use robocalls and trained telemarketers to present false information – scare tactics with the purpose of selling their services, scam you to take money or gather personal information from you.  ……..
April 28, 2014

Top 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes

With 58% of American adults owning a Smartphone (PewResearch Internet Project, 2014) the prospect of reaching new customers through their Smartphone is heartening. However, sometimes companies get mobile marketing wrong and mobile campaigns fail. Find below some important tips and the biggest mobile marketing mistakes you should avoid: Understanding how people really use their mobile. According to the Harvard Business Review, mobile doesn’t mean on the go at all times: “New data show that 68% of consumers’ Smartphone use happens at home. And users’ most common activity is not shopping or socializing but engaging in what researchers at BBDO and AOL call me time.” Now, “me time” refers to activities seeking entertainment or relaxation, such as watching a funny video or even window shopping for fun. Therefore, apps don’t have one single purpose; the same app can be used for self-expression or socializing and connecting with users during “me time” is what make you able to reach shoppers through their Smartphone’s.   Overlooking a mobile-optimized web site A common mistake is to run a mobile campaign without a mobile-optimized web site. For example, pointing users to a flash web site that isn’t optimized for mobile is a letdown for the potential clients and landing page it’s useless. Then it’s important to have in mind that sites on a desktop don’t necessary work on a Smartphone screen, and user-friendliness is the key to keep customers engaged. Tracking the results It makes sense that if you are investing in the execution of […]