Plan Your Online Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

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April 28, 2014
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Plan Your Online Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

With the Holiday Season approaching it is necessary to take some actions to make the most of this time of the year which it is perfect to improve sales and strengthen customer relationships.
According with the consulting company Gallup “Americans’ initial estimates of the total amount they will spend on Christmas gifts this year point to an above-average holiday season for the nation’s retailers”. Companies can expect that the average U.S. adult will spend 781 dollars on Christmas gifts this year, which is significantly higher than 2013.

Xperience Marketing Solutions want to help you and give you some advice to plan and improve the appropriate online strategies that will help you reap the benefits that this holiday season could bring to your business. 

Just as people decorate their home for the holidays, companies need to show to their customers that they are also enjoying the holiday’s season and are preparing for it. Decorate your social networks display areas and website according to the season. Create funny images and even a video for posts showing your holiday spirit and make sure you share the joy with for your clients. 

During the Holiday season people are going to be more willing to spend money; your competitors know that and they are going to flood the internet with unbeatable deals and that’s why you have to create strong incentives to buy.

You have to make more noise than ever to get noticed for your potential customers to pay attention to what you have to offer. A great way to get attention is through promotions and contests. There are different types of promotions that work better depending of the type of business and the objectives. You can use promotional codes, contests, limited time deals and coupons. 

It’s a good idea to share some information with your clients by email, but on holidays the number of emails in everyone’s inboxes will increase more than ever. So it’s important to take some actions to make your emails stand out from others in your customers email inbox.

First of all you have to keep clear the purpose of the emails that you’re going to send. Do you want to promote a specific service or product? Do you want to let them know about a special offer for the holidays? Or do you just want to send some wishes? Depending of your goals, your emails need to have some distinctive images and keywords and don’t forget to segment your contact list into categories.

The Holiday season is not just a date; there are various days that you have to keep in mind to get the most of this season. You don’t have to make promos or create images for each of these days; with a simple email to your clients you can make a big impact. 

Thanksgiving (U.S.), November 27

Black Friday, November 28
Small Business, Saturday, November 29
Cyber Monday, December 1

Free Shipping Day, December 15

Hanukkah, December 16-24

Christmas, December 25

Boxing Day, December 26

New Year’s Eve, December 31

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