April 30, 2013

Website Design Estudio 11

ESTUDIO 11Xperience Creative Design Our creative agency counts with a group of talented designers that provide individual attention to each one of our clients. Our team specializes on creating or improving our clients’ corporate image as well as conceiving ideas designs for a variety of marketing campaigns. Whether we have to create or revamp a website, design a logo, come up with the genuine print ad, or even capture artistic photography; our pledge is to provide the best services and advise to each one of our clients. CKECK OUR PORTAFOLIO :
May 3, 2013

Make sure your website makes a good first impression.!

On many occasions, your website will be the first impression a possible new customer will get from your company. It is imperative your website is functional and can be properly navigated on the top browsers. Nowadays, mobile communication is part of the business environment and your website should also be compatible with cell phones and other mobile devices. A professional appearance is one of the most important elements of your website. Dos your website currently represents the image you want your business to portray? Your website can be considered as your “online store front”, in a matter of seconds, a visitor may decide what your business is capable of doing by the look, feel and clarity of your website. Your website portrays who you are, what does your business have to offer, your business unique qualities and others highlights. Make sure you offer something valuable and convey your message in an organized, easy to navigate website. Leverage your most visual content, images, pictures graphics are key in conveying an image of quality and clarity about what your business offers. Incorporate social media to enhance your website experience and interact with visitors. Optimize your website and find the best option to improve Search Engine Marketing If you feel your company is ready to go to the next level, or you know it is time to enhance your company’s image and keep up with technology, contact the marketing specialist at “Xperience Marketing Solutions” to request a “Website assessment and online marketing analysis”. […]
May 13, 2013

Is Social Media Marketing Important for Small Business?

Marketing strategies and the right communication plans are the must of any successful entrepreneur. Nowadays social media networks are a fundamental part of any marketing and communication mix. Social media networks serve many functions that allow you to promote your products or services, interact with existing customers and reach out to their friends and other possible prospects. Adopting Social Media Marketing strategies is not only an option for large companies, but it has become something essential for all businesses. Every day new published studies demonstrate the impact that social media has on customers and the effect it has from the search to the purchase of products and services. Social networks have proved to be more than just a fad or a way to waste time. They have become one of the most useful tools to reach new consumers who are increasingly immersed in social media. Social media contribute to a new way of communication between the company and the customer, where information flows in both directions. Now the user feels closer to your brand through the process where you can hear and talk alike. Previously, the client was just a receiver and now they interact 24/7. Social media also after a new channel of communication with your existing customers and a new way of providing customer support. If your feel your company is ready to go on to the next level, contact the marketing specialist at “Xperience Marketing Solutions” to request information about our Social Media Services and let our company help […]
May 16, 2013

Biggest mistakes people make with facebook and social media marketing:

All companies need a presence in social media and we should see this source as an ally to achieve our goals, however, not all are prepared to take virtual interaction with the customer and could make different mistakes like: Lack of understanding about benefits & purpose of social media marketing Relying on unreliable people to do the job Lack of patience and determination Not realizing it requires effort and hard work. Not enough supervision & not posting enough  (Standard time recommended – at least 3-4 hours per week.   At least monitoring and adding information) Too many people managing the same account & not communicating Lack of knowledge and social media skills Wrong expectations for Measurement  & tracking: general information  ( Use as intelligence gathering … Do Not get caught up on tracking direct ROI. ) Too many straight promotions. (Rather than pushing coupons, post quality posting and exciting information. Concentrate on establishing your network and build trust. ) ·  Believing that everything is free: While creating an account in social networking is free, everything related to work to develop a strategy for entering and staying in them has a price. Hire community managers, specialized companies or create advertising and marketing campaigns in social media. ·   Censoring: is not good to delete comments that you do not like, the idea is to RESPOND. ·  Creatingz a Facebook page, a posting wall of activities or worse, publish exclusively benefits and features of products. ·   Invite to events which are not events: a new product is not an event, a new […]